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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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swimming safety, a young maryland man breaks the rules. tonight, he is feared dead. his story sparking a search of local reservoirs. >> good evening, tomorrow, rescuers will continue to search for the swimmer, but the worst is feared. >> reporter: adam, police are very concerned that as the temperatures grow, heading into summer, the list of tragedies will also get bigger. it's day two of an aggressive search for a 21-year-old
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maryland man. crews find nothing, police shea bruce hansen was swimming near route 27 on friday when he went under. >> another reason for me not to go, the more i hear about it. >> reporter: at the lock raven reservoir, these people are afraid to swim, but police say plenty of others are not, even though it's illegal. baltimore search members have found three people, they have all died. it's the conditions of the water in a reservoir that makes it so dangerous. it can be export huenemely cold and in some cases, 100 feet deep. still, they take the risk, including this group of teens that don't want to be identified. >> when you get to the high one, it gets a little scary. >> reporter: it's not just reservoirs that can be deadly.
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police warn against swimming in any of the waters especially if you are drunk or high. again, crews will focus theirists on finding bruce hansen first thing in the morning. for now, they are calling the mission a recovery, not a rescue. >> all right, thank you. >> rangers still monitor the reservoirs for illegal swimming. in the past few weeks, they have written dozens of citations. >> is. we have heard a dog has been shot to death -- a little girl walking her dog on oriole court when they encountered another dog. the two dogs got into a file and a man pulled out a gun and began to fire. >> i feel disastronaut my daughter -- she could have been
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injured. this is something that -- you have to really know your surroundings when you are firing out in the open like that. is. >> so far, no charges have been filed. the voluntary evacuation is ongoing. >> also, new information on the dog that attacked an elderly woman in front of her home. tonight, we have learned that dog will remain in quarantine for 10 days. officials will hold a hearing to determine if the animal should be euthanized or returned to the owner. an innocent woman stabbed a and right now, police are searching for the man who attacked a kfc employee. two armed robbers stab the welcome here. she is expected to be okay, but both of the suspects ran away. tonight, police are asking thing with information to give them a call. we are talking about a very smelly problem, tons of dead fish, some of them headless washing up. officials say they stressed the
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entire length of ocean city at one point. many of the fish had their heads cult off, posing a health risk and some experts are speculating they were dumped boy a commercial boat. >> public hearings, the first in gary paytonersburg and on monday june 13th. you can voice your opinion at -- the public input will help determine how to implement a series of large toll increases. the struggling economy could impact the outcome of the next presidential election. >> republicans hope they have found president obama's achilles heel, a sputtering
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economy. >> president obama tried to explain to the public the other day this is just a bump in the road. you try telling that bump in the road analogy to those families trying to keep their homes. >> reporter: only 54,000 jobs were created last month and unemployment rose to 9.1%. economists fear a double dip recession. but the president's advisors say he inherited the problem. we have added one million jobs over the last six months. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers pointing their fingers at the republican house majority. >> they said the agenda. every day they are there, another day goes by and another job is not filled. >> reporter: a weak economy helped win the house last fall, republicans are hoping it will fuel their way into the white
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house. >> i think the economy is terrible and i think that -- i don't think obama is doing a good job at all. where what could anyone have done better? even without a clear front runner, republicans, unanimously say they could do better. >> mr. president, you had your turn. now, it's our turn. >> reporter: in new york -- "wjz" "eyewitness news." a lot of people already in the race, now, the gop field is getting bigger, former pennsylvanian rick santorum is expected to throw his hat in the ring. three other candidates have entered this race, the bring pairry election september 13th. >> a new tribute to a baltimore county firefighter killed in the line of duty.
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name added to the maryland services -- he was looking for people trapped in this burning apartment. the 6th straight year a name has been added to that memorial. >> officials hope to finally reopen campus following a transformer explosion. the school's power has been out since last year, a university spokesperson said the crews were installing a bigger transformer to make certain something like this does not happen again and students woe live on campus have been assigned temporary emergency housing. >> a big battle brewing and all over the simple word -- >> reporter: hon is a term of endearment baltimore knows well. but the debate over who owned the word is coming up again.
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back in december, protesters picketed hon fest's denise whiting's stores. they were upset she had copy righted almost every play of the word. >> this is our word, this is our city and now it's owned by one person. >> reporter: she said trademarking "hon" is something any business person would do. >> i love camden and i love baltimore and i have spent a lot of time and energy doing whatever i can that is positive for the city,. >> reporter: but the outcry against whiting grew louder last week when she sent letters to festival vendors telling them what they can't sell on the event. anything with the hon logo are out. >> right now, the student with the glasses, just because she has the right to do it, but
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sometimes, just because you have the right to do something doesn't me you should. >> now business owners who want to set up and sell merchandise during hon fest will have to pay $100. those who organized saturday's protest said they will picket again. >> is. >> providing jobs for nearly 500 new employees, one family camped out overnight. another fan drove 50-miles to attend the anticipating. store officials say the turnout was a lot larger than expected. >> 25,000 people went online to apply tor a shopper's club card before we opened our doors. this morning, there were 1800 people lined up to get in the door. >> this is wakeman's third store they have opened in maryland. >> 11th annual ride across maryland sets a great new record this year. the motorcycle ride raised
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$315,000 for breast cancer research and other causes, it's the largest total ever in the event's history. "wjz" is a proud sponsor. the ride across maryland is part of our continuing community commit machine. great weekend for all of the people, too. thank you so much for all of the people woe took part in it. >> this is a plane that landed on the hudson river, now, it's out of the water and traveling on local highways. when and where it will come through maryland. >> inflatable houses tossed around in the wind in the park. how some quick thinking parents stopped this. >> how much free gas a beach resort is planning to give away. >> baltimore continues to get ready for its gran prix debut, more city streets are being shut down for repair. i'm tim williams with more tee tails you need to know about. >> go to first warning doppler
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radar, moving south across baltimore county harbor. home to the eastern shores, we'll have your full forecast, coming up shortly. ,, [ whistling ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] discover the unexpected beauty and man-made relaxation in northwest florida. and only at can you get our nonstop flights
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it's 69 degrees, a a few thunderstorms scattered around the area, ben debt is tracking them. she'll have that and more on the forecast coming up.
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>> is. >> three inflatable bounce houses floated into the air in a soccer tournament in new york. after they landed, someone, a quick thinking parent, pulled out a knife and used it to knock the air out of the inplatable. everyone escaped with minor injuries. >> police say shirley jean intentionally drove her car into the water near miami. her seven-year-old daughter and two-year-old son were strapped in the back seat. luckily, someone saw that crash and quickly rushed in to save the kids. >> i grabbed him out of the water and the mother was pushing her oldest daughter underneath the water, trying to drown her. >> thank god for that guy. >> this is the sec time this week a florida mother has been accused of trying to kill her
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own children. >> an emotional reunion for some tornado victims in massachusetts. a family lost their dog. high wind literally ripped the dog right out of the house. assuming the dog was dead, two hundred yards away, shadow was under some rubble and he is alive and well at at home. >> bad sprouts came from on organic farm outside of hamburg germany. so far, 22 people have died, more than 2,000 people have gotten sick from the bacteria. scientists believe this is the deadliest e. coli break in modern history. >> a possible big breakthrough in the battle against skin cancer, doctors say they have found two new drugs to treat the deadliest form of melanoma.
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8700 people die from held no, ma'am ma every single year. >> you might catch a piece of american history driving by you on the highway. the u. s. airways plane that landed on the hudson river is being driven to north carolina from new york. that's where he was supposed to land a year ago when the miracle on the hudson happened. the trip will take four and a half days. >> if you are driving downtown, tomorrow, expect some big delays. the city is bringing out the orange barrels, preparing for the baltimore gran prix. tonight, tim williams helps you steer around the road work. >> reporter: as labor day approaches, so does baltimore's first ever gran prix. five year agreement brings gran prix racing to charm city's 2 1/2 mile course. downtown streets around the inner harbor and stadium need to be repaired and up for the
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task. the latest construction, conway street will be closed in both directions between light and charles street. the closure will last up to two weeks. alternate routes into the city include howard to baltimore street and incompetent state 395 to dr. martin luther king boulevard. city crews have been plugging potholes and smoothing out roads to the tune of $7 million. city planners say costs areoff set by the 100 thousand visitors and $70 million, the race is expected to pump into the economy. so they have to -- >> look at the underground utility work. >> reporter: but on the surface, some residents say that money could be better spent. sometimes, when you are out walking, i can't keep on looking down at the ground. >> reporter: now, nearly 30,000 daily motorists are looking ahead to where the construction
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and the race are both over. tim williams, from downtown, "wjz." >> the race is on track to generate $7 million in tax revenue and create nearly 2,000 jobs. >> here is some inis spiation to drive down to the beach, ocean city giving away $100 thousand in free gas if an effort to encourage people to visit. it's the first resort in the country to do this. leaders will decide how to split up the money sometime in the next few weeks. >> our meteorologist, meteorologist, bernadette woods is here. >> hanging on, making their way through maryland. if you are underneath one of them, you are definitely getting the thunderstorm. here's how it looks, first warning doppler radar coming down from the north in the past few hours. no warnings or anything, but these are some pretty decent thunderstorms. you can see -- this section
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making its way almost into the cities along the belt line right now. it is over middle river and extended to the north of rock hall. all of that moving southward. we'll switch it over and show you. this is the only game in town. earlier, today, a couple of thunderstorms making their way off to the south, sunshine returned and here comes this batch off to the north many that's it, when that gets out of here, things will calm down. winds are pretty light and we could see some fog form because of that. temperature wise, 73 in dc. dew points have come up, a little more muggy than it was the last two days and that's going to stick around. we'll get into that in just a mow men. as far as our high, 83 degrees is where we topped out. average is 80 degrees and we'll extend the entire five-day forecast above this average and way above it in some cases. this is how it comes together. here's the batch of storms from
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this morning, moved off to the south, a couple more fired up through the evening hours are making their way down to the south. there is not a lot of that action. that will die down during the overnight hours. tomorrow, it calms down, pretty comfortable day. tuesday, a new warm front comes in our direction, the clouds with it, the chance for a shower or two. the warm front will bring in hot and muggy air, jumping our highs back into the mid-90s for the second half of the week. >> out on the waters, variable winds at five knots, forecast, -- tomorrow, we go up to 84 degrees, sunny to partly cloudy and take a look at the next few days. here's the warm front crossing up and we are up to 90 on wednesday. 96 and close to 90 on friday. >> coming up next in sports, orioles, toronto bluejays, orioles, toronto bluejays, ba
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"wjz" fans, always the optimist, at least they had a couple of good hits, today. >> just a couple. everybody got excited and then the final score, last place orioles ended their weekend by losing the second of three to the visiting toronto bluejays, now, they trail the yankees by seven games. downtown, vlad but remember row, batting 290. robert, come on home, tied up at one. before today, bluejays outscored the orioles. midway through the contest, they started to go off on -- jerry wasn't carrying normal
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stuff. a struggle for him most every inning. kind of wild in the strike zone and paid the price. >> meantime, just ended moments ago, nba finals, game three, 35 seconds left in regulation. chris bosh. time winding down, dirk looking for space. his rainbow jumper off the mark. 34 points. 11 boards, miami wins it by two. they lead the pest of seven series. game four tuesday night in dallas. >> french open men's final. the clash of mother earth, tennis titans, roger fedderrer fans disappointed because he went down in defeat. he is now tied bjorn bore's record. nascar, kansas city, kansas. dale ernhardt, jr., no damage
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done -- only earnhardt's pride took a hit us what he wound up finishing second to the winner in kc. brad koslowski. >> lady soccer, a great goalie -- against the united states, scoreless until later in the second half, lauren chainy, team usa, goal usa wins it 1-0 and on pga tour despite hot on the front nine and being cold on the back nine, steve stricker, nothing done, but rally to win the memorial in dublin, ohio, by one single stroke. in the nhl, is stanley cup finals, off tonight and tuesday night, they will be back in boston, vancouver knucks leading that series two to one. >> still ahead, a painful competition. the world has a new competition, come on, where do they come up with this
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. a painful ridiculous sport, 16 people battled it out in the world chin kicking competition. the rules here are pretty simple, all you do is kick the other guy in the chin until he falls over. now, the rules do allow you to stuff straw in your pants to protect your chins. the unusual sport dates back to the 1600s. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ],,,,,,,, there's a new ride coming to busch gardens williamsburg --
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